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 Rules of the Mini Tournaments

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- Registration. How to participate tournament?
- To register for a tournament Player has to leave a message in the Forum Topic of Gamezer Tournament with his nickname and rank, nothing else.
- A player may only register himself, recording other people is prohibited.
- In the Tournament can participate only 5 Players (mini 16) and 10 (mini 32) from one team, more than is forbodden.
- The Tournament organizators can play if they want.
- The players must be registered on the forum, if they won and are not registered on the forum they will loose Rating points (their Win will not be counted).

- Organization. How to become organizator?
- If you want to organize "mini tournament" you have subscribe in the Topic for organizators of mini tournaments.
- The organizator has to know all the rules for orgnization with all updates.
- We accept 20 organizators every month.
- The organizator can loose his Position, if his tournaments tournaments do not finish by the date was set, if he brakes the rules or simply because of irresponsiblity.

- Rank Points

Tournaments of 16:

1st Place: 5 points
2nd Place: 3 Points
3rd: Place: 1 point

Gzpontos 32 tournaments:

1st Place: 10 points
2nd Place: 6 Points
3rd Place: 3 Points

Top Team and Individual Players

All Months gztuga Administration will make a Top Team Players Team Players and Single (No Team)

- Limits.

- Each organizator can organize not more than 2 Tournaments a day.
- The maximal number of participants is 16 or 32.
- The types of possible games: Snooker, 8Ball, 9Ball, Carom, Pyramid NS.
- The registration Topic can be opened not earlier than 2 hours before start of the championship.
- Between 2 Mini Tournaments must pass at least 1 hour or more.

- Management. How to manage a tournament?

- The organizer should always use the models of Tables will be posted (Table of 16) (Table of 32).
- Each organizer must open 2 threads for each Mini-Tournament. One will be designed to announce the game type, time and number of participants, the registration must be made to this topic. The other aims to publish the results of games and Mini-Tournament.

The first topic to be created should have the following contents:

Title: [Mini Tournament 16 or 32] [Game Type] [Time Tournament] [Tournament Day] [Registration Open / Closed]


The second topic will have the following contents:

Title: [Mini Tournament 16 or 32] [Game Type] [Time Tournament] [Tournament Day] [Results]

Message: Table Tournament and the results posted by other players.

- When the limit of players entered in the Mini-Tournament is reached, the organizer of the Mini-Tournament will put a message saying that Nick Subscriptions shut and the last player signed. You should also change the topic title to [16 or 32 Mini Tournament] [Game Type] [Time Tournament] [Tournament Day] [Registration Closed]
- If someone disrespect another player or the Organizer, the organizer must put the player out of the Mini-Tournament and make a complaint in Abuse-Resport intended for mini-tournaments.
- The organizer does not need to draw to the game just use the models of Tables ...
- The organizer may allow the entry of 5 members per team in each mini-tournament, 16.
- The organizer can only allow the entry of 10 members per team in each mini-tournament of 32.
- The organizer must ensure that players of the same teams met in the Mini-Tournament. Only in the absence of an exchange of opposing players is the same team may face.
- The organizer can participate in Mini-Tournament.
- The organizer after finishing the tournament will place the table games in place of 16 or 32 and their respective profiles of the winners and in this Topic (24 hours if not will be punished)
- The organizer has the duty to examine the processes of suspension for any suspended player to play the Mini-Tournament.
- The organizer can not accept a player registered with invalid characters in nick!
- The organizer can only grant registration to a player when he himself are welcome to do it.
- The maximum number of games is: (only the maximum number is displayed, as it is for the organizer to choose the number of games within limits)

8 Ball 2 games (tie 3rd);
Snooker Game 1;
Carom 1 game;
Pyramid 2 games (tie 3rd);
9 Ball 2 games (tie 3)

- Violations.
7.1 If the player does not respect the oragnizator he can be disqualified. The organizator has the right to disqualify from the tournament. If the player has something against organizator he can write his complaint later in the compliant topic.
7.2 When a guest enters the room, please do not write.
7.3 Persons who are not registered as organizators, if they try to organize a tournament, the winner of this tournament will not receive points, and the attempt to organize will be punished.
7.4 Organizators who do not place the results table will receive a penalty and negative points of prestige.


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Rules of the Mini Tournaments
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